Travel Essentials

I am not someone who can just pack on a whim. My travel necessities are usually well thought out and carefully planned for the destination. Yes, I may pack fast, but it is because I already have a mental game plan ready for action before I start packing. I also like to keep all my travel size toiletries together in my bathroom cabinet which makes them easy to grab. 

Traveling often has made me think on how to incorporate my wellness goodies in my suitcase or carry-on to make the whole experience easier. If you find yourself traveling with me, consider yourself lucky. My bag of treats is sure to amaze you. Not only will you be relaxed and smell great from all of the essential oils, but your skin will have a fresh, dewy glow upon arrival. 

Here are a few of my favorite wellness staples for internal and external health that I bring while traveling to wherever that may be. 

1. Cell Food. This dietary supplement is filled with trace minerals, making this the perfect supplement you can easily add to your water. Oxygenating your body and skin, you are sure to look and feel fresh when you land.  

2. Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters. Acting as both a digestive aid and a cocktail mixer. Simply place a dropper size into your mouth after meals, or mix in with water to help stimulate kidney function. 

3. RX Bars. I love these bars. The amount of protein in here can serve as a filling snack when munchies strike at 30,000 feet. I continuously buy them for airplane travel, quick snack in between work and the gym. I am a very conscious eater and like to watch ingredients as much as I can. I recently emailed RXBar to inquiry about their "natural flavor" ingredient that is in some of the flavors. For example, apple cinnamon contains "natural apple flavor" and chocolate sea salt contains "natural chocolate flavor". What exactly do these natural flavors mean and how are they obtained as a process? 

Here was their response: 

Our natural flavors come from the essential oils that are extracted directly from the fruit themselves. For instance, the natural blueberry flavor in our blueberry bars comes directly from the essential oils of a blueberry - the essential oils contain the flavor and aroma of the blueberry. The natural flavors in our bars are never synthetic and do not come from any other plants/animals.

Unfortunately, a FDA regulation requires us to call this a natural flavor along with other “natural flavors” that can contain ingredients that are not so natural. We believe there should clearly be a subcategory so that it’s more clear.

-The RXBAR Support Team

That being said, you can make your own choice as to what works for your health guidelines. A few other options of packaged bars that do not contain a ton of junk are: Primal Kitchen Collagen Bars, and ONA bars. If I am craving something a little more fresh, I will bring an avocado, banana, carrots, or an apple accompanied with Justin's Almond Butter packets. 

4. Green Papaya & Lime AHA Mask by Living Libations. If my flight is longer than 4 hours, I will clean my face before, wipe away any extra dirt and grime with witch hazel and apply this mask. Careful not to touch my face the rest of the flight. This mask has the ability to exfoliate facial skin while increasing moisture. What do you see when you land? Extremely pure, supple and radiant skin. 

5. Herban Essentials Towelettes. Airplanes are dirty. Plain and simple. I bring these little packaged wipes to give my arm rest and tray table a wipe down before I unpack my food or bring out my book. NO harsh ingredients and NO chemicals! Scents include: Lemon, Orange, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender. The Peppermint is perfect to carry in your purse as a quick refresh on a hot spring or summer day.

6. Natural CALM. These single serve packets hold 225 mg of magnesium citrate. Magnesium is a mineral that is required for over 300 functions in our body. Because our soil is so depleted of minerals and nutrients, a magnesium deficiency can be common. Magnesium can help you fall asleep faster when you get to your location, combat some of the stress you may have encountered and wake up feeling a little more rested if you jumped time zones. By all means, ask your Doctor or Functional Medicine Practitioner for specifications. You will know if you took too much magnesium, and in that event, just scale back. I always encourage consuming foods that are high in magnesium if you forget these packets. See the list here

7. Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. Traveling can cause some much needed movements in the body to come to a halt. Stay prepared with Vitamin C. Keep your immune system in tip top shape too!

8. My SWELL water bottle. I am so tired of paying $7.99 for a Fiji water bottle. I bring my adorable swell water bottle with me when traveling. I fill up once passed security. You would be surprised how many people "forget" that they cannot travel with liquids. Listen up people! This is probably not your first time flying so try to remember that we have not been able to fly with liquids over 100 ml. for over 10 years. Let's keep that security line moving.

9. Essential oils. I bring two brands. I use de Mamiel Altitude Oil to inhale through out the flight to boost my immune system. I place a few drops in a Kleenex and keep close when I need a quick inhale. I then apply Meo Energetics Vagal Tone to ease any tension or stress I may have from the flight. I use Meo Eenergetics Brain Deflame to help with any brain fog that longer flights may have caused. 

10. Scarf, headphones, eye mask and a neck pillow. Because a girl needs to catch some beauty rest when she can! So, please do not bother to wake me when the cart comes by. Unless it is wine for purchase. Always wake me up.