Spring Skincare

Helllllllllo, March! In preparation for the spring season that is quickly approaching, it is a good time to look within our beauty cabinets and see what else we can change. Just as the seasons change and provide us with different foods to support optimal health, it is also important to take a look at our skin care routines which can get us prepared for the season externally.

My first "winter" living in New York only had one major snow storm occur.  I was not even in New York for the good amount of it either! With the current warmer trends, I feel as if winter is over, but it is not exactly a "shorts and tees" warmer weather. Looking forward into the month of March at weekends and vacations ahead, I wanted to share some spring season skincare tips and ideas. 


1. SPF. The application of SPF is ALWAYS important, but during spring season and transition into summer, you will be spending more time outdoors. This will call for more protection based on your exposure level.

My favorite SPF day cream at the moment is Kypris Pot of Shade: Heliotropic. I use daily over a serum and I cannot get enough. I seriously look forward to putting this on in the morning as my daily routine. Who knew a day cream could give me the satisfaction of feeling protected from the sun and environmental stressors like car, bus and subway exhaust. Yuck. Another SPF day cream I recommend is from Josh Rosebrooks. He offers a very natural line of skin care sourced from only the best natural ingredients. The nutrient day cream is more expensive than other choices on the market, but I trust the integrity behind the product. This cream makes your skin feel like silk because of ingredients like hemp for moisture, borage for cell repair and dandelion for detoxification. Both of these day creams contain zinc oxide as the SPF protection. According to EWG.org, products that contain zinc oxide usually score well in the EWG’s rating because they provide sun protection with few health concerns and do not break down in the sun. Stay tuned for a list of favorite body sunscreens.

2. Exfoliation. This is important for both for the face and the body to remove dead skin cells. I do recommended separate scrubs for face and body as your face has more delicate skin. I make my own body scrub at home because it is SUPER easy and more economical. My go to mix is grapeseed oil/olive oil and brown sugar because of their availability to pick up mostly anywhere. I would recommend glass if you are adding essential oils to the mix. As always, be careful with the glass in the bathroom! If you prefer a store bought, here are a few natural options for different price levels: 

Earth Tu Face Salt Scrub 

Skinny & Co Sugar Scrub 

Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish 


Tata Harper Smoothing Body Scrub

3. Dry brushing. Part of my daily morning routine is dry brushing. Your lymphatic system does not have a “pump” in comparison to your circulatory system, i.e. your heart. When using a dry brush, you will start from the tops of your feet while moving upward towards your heart in a circular motion. Dry brushing can improve lymphatic drainage while removing dead skin cells which encourages new cell renewal. Making this MORE ideal for spring when you have to show them legs! 

4. Dandelion tea. Drinking dandelion tea is a great way to detoxify the liver naturally. Chin breakouts? The liver is responsible for breaking down and metabolizing hormones. This could be a good indication linked to skin mapping that your liver is stressed, resulting in an outward eruption. Liver detox is especially important for those warmer, sunnier days filled with Rose which I have come to know as summer water. 

Other teas that are helpful for liver detoxification will contain herbs like: milk thistle seed, turmeric, or burdock root. If keen, make your own blend of herbs that work for you. Find bulk herbs for mixing and matching at Mountain Rose Herbs.

5. Rainbow diet. Emphasizing foods rich in red and orange color can be important during the sunnier months. Red foods such as watermelon, bell peppers, tomatoes are rich in lycopene which can which can boost your skins natural protection against the sun. Orange foods such as sweet potatoes and oranges are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed in synthesis for collagen protection. Collagen keeps skin firm, and wrinkle free providing you a strong barrier to the environment. We all want to keep from aging right? Vanity can be the biggest motivator to clean up our habits. 


Most skin creams and products that you will find in Sephora, Department Stores or Target (also known as Tar-jay) are almost all loaded with toxic chemicals. Thankfully, green beauty is having a movement! Green beauty is the NEW beauty. Skincare brands that fall under the catagory of natural, non-toxic skincare are surfacing and taking off.

If vanity is the biggest motivator for you, then the first step to REAL, glowing skin is nourishing yourself from within. With this idea, you also get healthier and potentially build better habits that could stick while on your way to achieve beautiful skin. Yes, skincare products and makeup do help. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-up. This creamy little concealer in the morning after a night of drinking does wonders. Not to mention RMS Beauty Living Luminizer for that extra glow. All in moderation, right? 

These days it feels like we are in this constant need to fix our bodies because of our obsession with filtering our photos. The camera lens is literally a veil in front of our eyes. Comparison is the thief of happiness, so let go of comparing. Of course, easier said than done, but, I do try to be kind to myself because that is the easiest place to start for acceptance. Being mindful and present to yourself will provide you inner peace. Inner peace will make you more kind. And kindness makes you the most beautiful person, no matter what you feel you look like. Take time for yourself this season! Practice the art of self-care, eat well and enjoy benefits of radiant skin all season long.