Spring Infused Cocktails

As much as I love to keep myself hydrated, and detox when I see fit, I am also realistic. I love to be outdoors as much as possible and sharing laughs with friends while drinking yummy cocktails is not something I want to say no to! 

I look forward to all the new seasonal flavors that pop up into our farmer's markets and stores as we transition seasons. I realize not every place has hit Spring yet. New York most definitely has not! If you are interested in what your area has to offer for your current weather visit your local farmer's market to check out what Spring has to offer. Add some of the fresh ingredients to these yummy Spring influenced cocktails.

Here are a few easy drink recipes that I found. Feel inspired for any upcoming gatherings you may have! 


Living in the south for the past 10 years, I have a love for sweet tea. What I do not love is the amount of sugar that sweet tea contains. Imagine that hangover...no thanks! Try this healthier version of sweet tea. Fancy it from mocktail to cocktail with a splash of your choice. 

A recent trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico landed me at the Casa Bacardi for a rum tasting tour on a rainy day. Not always a huge rum fan (or really a fan at all), but it was actually quite enjoyable and had me craving this for days after I left. Omit the sugar and find a sparkling water to upgrade it. 

This is for the man or woman in your life that drinks bourbon. The pomegranates add a fresh twist. Pomegranates are more of a fall-winter fruit (Sept-Feb) so think of this as a transitional drink! 

Because this is gorgeous and who does not love a flower in their drink? With the addition of lillet rose, I would be more than happy to drink up this beauty! Rose All Day. 

A popular drink, but one must not forget to leave tequila out. You could probably add tequila to the drink listed above too! 

Margaritas and warm weather go together like bread and butter. With the addition of beer, this makes a perfect spin on margaritas and perfect for those who love a good, cold beer!