RMS Beauty

The life force of the skin interacts with the life force of everything applied to it. Majority of cosmetics are dead. The chemicals they contain have no life force and therefore, cannot interact with the skin. It is the interaction - the synthesis of all ingredients, that creates a truly alive product, and truly alive skin! Rms Beauty is all about this synergistic interchange.
— www.rmsbeauty.com

RMS Beauty is the only concealer I will ever use. "Un-Cover Up" truly emphasizes and enhances what your momma already gave you. The name says it all by reminding us to stop covering up what we have.

Using RAW virgin coconut oil as the base ensures the antioxidants and antimicrobial properties are being delivered to your skin. Thus making this the perfect concealer to melt into your skin to keep away acne, or occasional breakouts. Goes on smooth like butter and comes off with the simplest of cleansers. A beauty staple that makes a very easy travel companion for those touch-ups on the go.