Greener Cleaning

Have you ever wondered what is lurking in your cleaning products? Commercial products are loaded with chemicals! These chemicals are detrimental to our health and to our environment. If you have little ones crawling around or even pets, you can guarantee that the leftover product residue will get into their system. Within the environment, you are exposed to so many toxins on a daily basis. Just by switching your cleaning products to a more natural option, you can lighten the load of toxins you are exposed to. Your liver will be quite pleased as well. 

There is an abundance of natural cleaning products on the market. Be a savvy consumer. Some companies are taking advantage of this demand and while the word “natural” is visible on the label, the integrity within the product is probably lacking. There are quite a bit of loop holes around the labeling and marketing "rules". Cost can be important too, so do not waste your money trying out these products because truly natural cleaning products do not have to break the bank. Essential oils like tea tree oil, lavender and thieves oil have anti-fungal properties that can be a great alternative to products like Clorox wipes. Can you even pronounce most of the ingredients listed on the back of Clorox wipes? 

Whether you are a professional or a newcomer to the DIY approach, a few items that I highly support investing in are essential oils, borax powder, baking soda, and white vinegar. Definitely allow your own creativity to flow, or just hop on Pinterest. What would we do without those millions of ideas that we save and never end up using? If you are looking for bulk options because you live in an actual home, websites like Mountain Rose Herbs sell essential oils and other ingredients that can be used in your DIY approach products.

There are things in life that are beyond our control. The few parts of the environment that we can control, like within our homes, are worth the time to make responsible and sensible decisions. Read labels and ingredients. Learn about what you are purchasing. A small amount of effort can be a significant step towards making the world and your home a less toxic, more beautiful place.

A few brands to check out:

Mrs. Jones Soapbox I love her story, I love her products and I love the way they work. 

Dr. Bronner's Surprised to see this one yet again? 

Common Good With their mission to set out on reducing plastic, you can take back any container to their stores that have a refill station it and get a discounted price. Saving plastic and money, super cool.