A body in motion, stays in motion

Such a simple concept, but many of us forget how important movement is in order for our bodies to function optimally in a world that has an ever increasing speed for connectivity and productivity. The more active you are and the more you care for you body, the more it will give back to you. This is especially important for any individuals trying to gain more flexibility, or range of motion.

I wanted to share 15 easy tips to increase flexibility that can combat the negative impact on health and longevity that sitting for long amounts of time has done to us. Get up out of your seat! 

  1. Set a timer to remind yourself to stand up at least for 10 mins every hour.
  2. Walk to see colleagues in person rather than using emails and phone calls. No one wants to be included in a 50 person group email that prompts responses. 
  3. Use a smaller drinking glass prompting you to get up from your seat more to get water.
  4. Stretch in your seat. Stretches like the seat twist, chest shoulder opener, seated pigeon, hip flexor stretch, and hamstring stretch can be done while sitting down. Your co-workers will definitely look, but just state that you're a millennial. 
  5. Go to a private area to stand up and stretch. A sumo squat is a great way to open up your hips after sitting for periods of time. 
  6. Take phone calls standing up.
  7. Replace your current chair with an exercise ball.
  8. Even better, replace your current desk with a standing workstation!
  9. Walk at lunch.
  10. Take a longer route to the bathroom and when returning back to your desk.
  11. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  12. Park your car further away from the entrance of the building...if you are not in a creepy parking lot situation. 
  13. Organize your desk in a way that items frequently used are not reachable from a seated position.
  14. Set your chair and monitor at the correct height to encourage good posture and reduce neck strain. Here is a website that can actually give you the exact measurements based on your height.
  15. Do something active before you get home. Gym/Walk/Yoga, anything that you enjoy.